Auction results

PetrolPrices organises collective energy switching schemes to provide an easy way for households to see how much they can save on their energy bills.

Together we have secured you a deal and an easy way to switch.

So Energy has won the Dual fuel and Electricity Only online billing contracts.

Green Star Energy has won the Dual fuel and Electricity Only paper billing contracts.

Economy Energy has won the Prepayment contracts.

The winning suppliers, So Energy, Green Star Energy and Economy Energy , were the ones that made the lowest offers. We are not affiliated with any one supplier.

You will receive an email from 26 February onwards with an offer, based on your usage and the best deal from the auction.

You have the time to decide and let us know whether you accept the offer on your personal overview page before 27 March 2018.

We provide support and guidance throughout the registration and switching process.